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Who are we

Our Company

“Bulgarian Apple” Ltd was founded in 2006. Its main activity is production of cereal and industrial crops. In order to ensure high quality of our products and better ecological and safety conditions the company has built its own storage facility.
We strive to create and establish a modern enterprise with a stable market share and а temperate growth rate.

Bulgarian Apple

Over 14 years of experience in growing cereal and industrial crops

1. Choosing seeds

Choosing the seed is the first and very important step in growing quality crops. Therefore we trust only experienced and market proven suppliers.

2. Nature’s strength

We grow our crops in the area, known as “Bulgaria’s granary”, ensuring the best climate conditions and natural resources.

3. Expert care

In growing our crops we follow the advice of experts in the field.

4. Perfect Product

Our crops are a result from the combination of the region’s natural resources, modern technological development and our hard work and care.