The Juice

The “Bulgarian Apple” fruit juice

A source of health and good mood

The “Bulgarian Apple” juice is a completely natural product obtained from whole fruit through pressing. The product does not contain any artificial sweeteners, preservatives or flavors. No sugar or water is added to the extracted juice. The sweetness and aroma of the product are due to the natural qualities of the fruit.
The “Bulgarian Apple” juice is a product suitable for all types of consumers even the youngest. Due to the fact that only natural fruit sugars are contained in the juice it is appropriate in moderate quantities even for people suffering from diabetes.
The product is produced in an ecologically clean area from fruit grown in our own gardens. The production process includes grinding the fruit and then extracting the juice through pressing. The freshly extracted product is then pasteurized and filled in 3-liter polyethylene bags. Hermetically sealed the product is protected from the outer environment and retains its quality for at least 12 months. The packing process is completed by putting the bag into a carton box with a handle, convenient for carrying and storage.
The implemented food safety control system based on the HACCP principles guarantees that all good production and hygiene practices are strictly followed throughout the whole production process from the growing of the trees, through the gathering of the apples until the product is delivered to the client. The quality and safety of the product are also guaranteed by the personal engagement of the company managers and the whole production team. We, at the “Bulgarian Apple” Ltd, take seriously the responsibility we have for our costumers’ health and contentment. Therefore we have the opportunity to offer to our clients a product unique in quality.

Bulgarian Apple