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“Bulgarian Apple” Ltd was founded in 2006; its main activity is production of apples and 100 % natural apple juice. Near the small village of Ezerets, Shabla Municipality, away from any industrial pollutants is where a 260 000 m2 apple orchard is situated. There the enterprise has also built a fruit-storage and processing facility.
Our aim is to produce and offer to our clients an ecological and natural product of unique quality. We work to fulfill our goal by implementing new ideas and up-to-date technology, following all contemporary trends in agriculture, strictly abiding by the requirements and standards of the European Union.
We strive to create and estblish a modern enterprise with a stable market share and а temperate growth rate. Our unassuming wish is for the name “Bulgarian Apple” to become a synonym of quality and for the company to take a deserving place at the European market.

Bulgarian Apple

Over 11 years of experience in growing apples.

1. Hand Planted

Each tree is selected, planted and tended by the orchardmen with love and care.

2. Natural Sunlight

Under the warm beams of the Bulgarian sun our trees grow and the apples ripen filling with the untainted sweetness of nature.

3. Well Watered

Via a modern drip irrigation system the trees are watered and the fruit is supplied with all essential minerals and elements.

4. Perfect Product

Our apples are a result from the combination of the region’s natural resourses, modern technological development and the orchardmen’s hard work and care.