The Orchard

The Bulgarian Apple orchard

A piece of heaven amidst the wheat fields of Bulgaria

Created by our own means, much care, eagerness and hopes our orchard offers a variety of apples, colours and fragrances to everyone’s taste.
The plantation consists of several varieties of red apples – Florina, Melrose, Red Topaz, Red Jonaprince, Allurel and Fresco Wellant; a type of yellow apple – the Charden variety and the exceptionally fragrant and juicy green apple – Granny Smith.
In the beginning the orchard was composed of varieties traditionally grown in Bulgaria. The seedlings are produced in our weather and agricultural conditions, ensuring the natural appearance and taste of the fruit. From these initial plants the Florina, Melrose, Charden and Granny Smith sorts still remain.
In May 2008 a renewal of the orchard began. The company has imported seedlings from the Netherlands of the Red Topaz, Red Jonaprince, Allurel and Fresco Wellant varieties. This choice is aimed at reducing the need for treating the trees and thus providing the production of a more ecological product, free from substances that could harm the consumers’ health and the environment.
The gathered apples are stored in a modern fruit-storage facility. With its near four-thousand-cubic-meter cooling rooms it offers up-to-date conditions for long-term storage of fresh fruit. A fully automated process sorts and cleans the apples before they are transferred to the cooling rooms where depending on the varieties they can last up to six months.

Bulgarian Apple