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Bulgarian APPLE

“Once upon a time there lived a mother of three sons. In the garden of their house a wondrously beautiful apple tree grew. Each year it gave just one apple, but not just any ordinary apple, it was a golden one…”

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Our Apple Juice

The apple is a well known symbol of love, marriage, spring, youth, fertility, longevity or immortality. With its round form it represents wholeness and unity. It is a cosmic symbol, therefore kings and rulers along with a scepter often hold in their hands the “state apple” to represent the whole world.
The apple is an integral part of the Bulgarian folklore and culture. It decorates the festive table at Cristmas and is present in most folklore rituals.
To us the apple is all of that and also much, much more. To us it is a mission.


See our kitchen offerings with freshly picked and crispy apples from our gardens.